Top Republican Strategist Behind Bloomberg’s TV Ads Targeting Pro Gun Senators

May 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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First off a little background. GOP strategist Mike Murphy has worked on the campaigns Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain, and other Republicans. What do these clients have in common? They are all very moderate Republicans with left leanings, especially in regards to gun control.

gop_climateArnold Schwarzenegger supported numerous gun control measure during his time as governor of California. John McCain just recently voted in favor of universal background checks in the Senate. Mitt Romney passed one of the strictest weapons bans in the country during his time as governor as Massachusetts.

What do all of these politicians have in common? They were all being advised by GOP strategist Mike Murphy. (source)

It seems Murphy may have been the source of at least some of the anti gun policies of these politicians. It seems he also supports the watered down version of Republican politics which has failed in the last 2 presidential elections.

Now, Murphy is at it again. It turns out Murphy’s new ad agency is cashing checks from none other than THE anti gunner himself, Michael Bloomberg.

According to POLITICO, Murphy’s ad company is responsible for the recent ads attacking senators who voted against the recent universal background check law and defending senators who voted for it.

THIS is what is wrong with the Republican party in general. Republican leaders have moderate advisors pushing them more and more to be “Democrats lite” and throwing issues like gun rights under the bus. This style of Republican politics keeps failing while true libertarian style conservatism via the likes of Ron Paul and Ted Cruz is surging.

Just remember whenever you see one of these ads from Michael Bloomberg on TV attacking your gun rights, a Republican strategist was behind the ads.

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