This Idiot is NOT a Responsible Gun Owner and IS NOT One of Ours

July 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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A gentleman by the name of “Todd Lo” on Facebook posted the following images to the Target Facebook page along with a message that read,

You can’t protect me and my family nor replace them in an event a psycho murders one of my family members. My right is my right and no government agency or corporation can protect them from violence! #target

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 1.38.30 PM


First off, this is the EXACT OPPOSITE of responsible firearms ownership. It is extremely likely that firearm flagged someone, somewhere in that store as it was drawn and held for a photo op.

If this man truly is in Texas like his Facebook profile shows, he is likely breaking the state’s open carry laws, which should be changed, but by definition makes him NOT a law abiding gun owner.

This is so idiotically irresponsible that I almost question whether it’s real or an anti-gun photo-op to make gun owners look bad. Regardless of what this man’s intentions are/were he should face consequences for his irresponsible actions.

I know I recently published an open letter encouraging the gun community to stop the infighting as much as possible, but likewise, careless, irresponsible behavior should be called out by the community in quick order.

Also, let’s not sink to the Moms Demand Action level and start using our children as props in a photo-op.

Already this man’s actions have been condemned by Open Carry Texas, Gun Rights Across America, The Bang Switch, and myself. I hope other bloggers, Youtubers and gun rights organizations will publicly condemn this irresponsible act.

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