Thieves in NC are Targeting Cars With Gun Related Stickers and Cars Parked near Gun Free Zones

May 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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stock_bigger_pistolIt looks like gun thieves in North Carolina are getting smart in their search to illegally acquire guns.

According to a local report today, police have managed to bust several thieves they say are targeting cars that have gun related stickers on the bumper or windows.

They are also targeting cars that are parked near gun free zones. These areas force law abiding concealed carriers to leave their firearms in their vehicles where they are the target of thieves.

According to WSOCTV,

Just a few weeks ago, police in the University Division arrested a group of suspects officers say broke into cars specifically looking for firearms. They looked for various gun-related decals and bumper stickers to pick their targets.

Larry Hyatt, owner of Hyatt Guns said, “They’re really advertising to criminal they may have a gun in their car so it may not be the best place to make those statements on the bumper of your car.”

Hyatt said thieves have even lurked in his parking lot.

“We’ve had criminals try to break in cars. They know people coming to gun shop have guns and we have a camera and we’ve caught people breaking in cars.” Hyatt said. “Fortunately, they’re in prison they didn’t get guns.”

I predicted the theft of guns around gun free zones where people are forced to leave their firearms, usually unsecured, in their vehicles. I’ve also never been a proponent of pro-gun stickers or signs where you keep your guns. If you must display these stickers or signs, make sure you don’t leave your firearms unattended in these vehicles.

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