The “Smart Gun” That Liberals Are Scared Of, Amazing New Tech Allows Novice Shooters to Make 1000 Yard Shots

May 23 2013
by GSL Staff
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Caution: Video shows animals being legally hunted. If you are easily disturbed by hunting don't watch.

We’ve posted several recent stories about various “smart gun” technology which is usually technology that tries to limit who can access/fire a gun using various biometric measures. There is even technology in the works that will allow guns to be tracked by GPS and remotely disabled. Anti gun lawmakers are getting on the bandwagon as well with at least one federal bill being introduced to mandate smart gun technology.

With all of that talk you might be tired of hearing about smart guns, but here is one you might be able to get behind. TrackingPoint, an Austin, TX based company, has come up with a rifle system that utilizes the best of modern technology to take all of the guesswork out of long distance shooting. Once a user understands how to use the software and the system, they can make shots that would only be possible by the most experienced long range shooters in the world.

According to a description of the technology on Business Week,

The gun part of the TrackingPoint system resembles a modern military-style bolt-action rifle. The science-fiction part looks like a three-headed long-range scope. Shooter tracks targets on the graphics display. By pushing a small button near the trigger, they lock a red laser dot on their quarry—a deer or bear, for example. The red laser tag remains on the target, even if it moves. Shooters then align the red dot with a blue cross-hair, or reticle, which also appears on the screen. They depress the trigger. The gun “decides” exactly when to fire. That happens only when the cross-hair aligns perfectly with the red dot, taking into account the distance, barometric pressure, temperature, the curvature of the earth, and other variables.

Already anti gun activists are getting upset saying the weapons system could be used by terrorists and assassins. However TrackingPoint says they will be personally vetting all buyers of the $20,000+ systems to ensure only legitimate hunters and sport shooters end up with the rifle.

Some hunters have also expressed their concern that the system takes the sport out of hunting as shooters can now simply setup almost a mile away from their chosen target, eliminating the need to stealth and taking range into account.

“We want to represent responsible gun owners and draw new people to the shooting sports,” says Schauble. “We also want to be an alternative to some of the more extreme voices that tend to show up in the media, shouting about gun rights. I own a lot of guns, and I’m not a crazy. There’s room in this discussion for reasonable positions and innovation.”

What do you think? Is this an inevitable advancement for gun technology? Good idea? Bad idea? Would you buy one?

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