The Plan to Disarm America Within Two Generations is Happening RIGHT NOW

June 11 2013
by GSL Staff
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Fifty years from now – The most sweeping gun legislation to ever be seriously debated at the federal level is just moments away from passing the Senate and then it will be sent to the president’s desk where he will sign it on live television. This legislation will ban the private ownership of any and all semi automatic firearms with no grandfathering for existing firearms. Shotguns and hunting rifles will still be allowed, but only after numerous training classes and by possessing the proper licenses.

The president was just a toddler when the Sandy Hook shootings happened, and he doesn’t really remember the incident itself. What he, like most of the lawmakers remember, is how they were raised following that incident.

He, and America’s other leaders, were raised in a different school system than their parents. Gone were high school rifle teams, ROTC drill teams, playing cowboys and indians or cops and robbers at recess. No, they were raised correctly and their public school education taught them to be fearful of the death machines that could indiscriminately kill anyone at a moment’s notice.

He did remember having one toy gun, when he first started kindergarten. It was a little water gun and didn’t really resemble any real life weapons, and at the time he didn’t understand why he should turn it into the school. His parents said he would get a chance to win a new bicycle. He did want that new bike.

He also remembered that any student who so much as spoke about guns was berated, questioned, and possibly even suspended or expelled. Looking back, he was grateful for this education. The educators of the early 21st century recognized that something had to be done to change the gun culture of the United States and they took matters into their own hands.

Sure, there were still some hold outs in places like Texas and Alaska, but the anti gun movement had finally become mainstream. Several previous “red” states, such as Colorado and Nevada had been converted to fully “blue” in the last few election cycles and already had their own gun bans in place.

It was finally time to defang the Second Amendment, and America’s educators were to thank for it.

The above is obviously a work of fiction, but make no mistake, this is the track we’re currently on. If you think this is an exaggeration, you need to open your eyes to what is happening in our education system. Children are being taught that guns are not only evil, but that so much as talking about guns in a favorable manner is likely to result in you being the subject of discipline. Children are being taught that have anything to do with guns in today’s education system is likely to impact your academic and professional future. After all, no one wants a school suspension on their record, and especially not for a gun issue.

This is the long con that anti gunners are playing. If this generation simply won’t let gun legislation pass then let’s raise the next generation to do it. An entire generation of new anti gunners is being brought up by the public school educators of this country under the guise of safety for our children. That’s how they keep parents on their side. Just say it’s for the protection of their children. I can’t tell you how many parents I’ve spoken to who are generally pro-gun, but are OK with illegal searches and suspensions at their child’s school carried out under the premise of safety.

If you think this isn’t happening now, just look at the following incidents for proof (these are just from the last 6 months):

Still think this isn’t an issue? Even if you are a pro-gun parent who teaches their kid about guns and proper gun handling, do you really think these incidents aren’t going to affect how a student feels about guns when they see the lives of their classmates getting ruined?

In addition to being involved in politics we also need to get involved in the education system or within 2 generations our country’s gun rights will be done for.

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