The Last Week in Second Amendment News – 5/14/13

May 14 2013
by GSL Staff
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A lot happens in a week in regards to gun rights.

Here are the stories that matter most.

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libUK Reporters Print 3D Gun, Smuggle It Into France, Breaking Numerous Laws & Write Hit Piece

Reporters from the UK Daily Mail have broken numerous UK and French laws after using a 3D printer to print a Liberator 3D gun and then smuggling it aboard a train to Paris from the UK. The reporters were trying to show how easily the gun could be smuggled… Read More

new-york BREAKING: First Arrest in NY For Magazine Law – Man Had 9 Rounds in Magazine Instead of 7

According to, a man in NY has become the first victim of New York’s draconian new gun laws. One of which forbids someone from loading more than 7 rounds into a gun magazine, even if it can hold more. The gun in questions was a a Smith and… Read More

CO flag in distress Colorado Voters Move to Recall Four Anti Gun Lawmakers After Gun Legislation

The Colorado Democratic controlled state legislature last month passed a series of restrictive gun control laws in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook and Aurora. These included a ban on magazines that can hold or be modified to hold more than 15 rounds. However,… Read More

Photo: Wikimedia Commons   (Public Domain)[Video] 7 Year Old Suspended for Holding Pencil “Like a Gun”

The son of a Marine said he was just pretending to be what his dad was when he was playing with another student. The 7 year old Suffolk, VA boy was playing with a game with a classmate in which he was a marine and the classmate was a bad guy. The… Read More

Photo: ChannelR (CC License)Square Payment Processing Now Does Not Allow Any Guns, Weapons, or Ammo Transactions

Square is an innovative payment processing that allows merchants to use their smart phone along with a small attachment and a corresponding app to process payments on the fly. Very handy for the small business owner. However, one of our readers tipped… Read More

No_Gun[Video] BREAKING: NJ State Senators Caught on Open Mic Saying They Need a Bill to CONFISCATE Guns

In the above vido we hear remarks by several NJ State Senators talking about guns after a session had ended. We can assume they didn’t know the mic was still recording. The discussion is as follows: “We needed a bill that was going to confiscate,… Read More

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