THANK YOU – School Board Gets Rid of Zero Tolerance After Boys Suspended for Using Pencils as “Guns”

June 17 2013
by GSL Staff
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons   (Public Domain)Finally! We have common sense in our public schools, at least in one Virginia school district anyway.

After two boy were suspended for “using pencils like guns“, the Suffolk School Board decided to review their current weapons policy, which was a very strict zero tolerance policy which left no room for interpretation.

According to,

Under the revised policy, school administrators can look at factors such as intentions of harm and whether the object is listed as a weapon to determine the punishment. Ordinary objects will not be considered weapons

A local television station reports that school board members voted unanimously to approve the revised policy last week.

This comes on the heels of numerous students being suspended, expelled and also arrested for cases involving toy guns at schools, talking about guns at schools, or wearing gun related clothing.

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