Teachers Upset About Being Shot With Airsoft Guns During Active Shooter Drills

March 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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Beretta-Px4-Storm-Clear_BER-2274021_airsoftSchools are taking a variety of approaches to dealing with active shooter scenarios. In our opinion, the most effective solution is to have armed personnel on campus, whether that is armed staff, police officers, or private security.

Several teachers in Farmington, MO protested when they were handed safety goggles and told they would be shot at with Airsoft guns (air guns that shoot small, plastic BB’s). The author of the source article calls them “pellet guns” which are very different things.

According to CBS News,

Associate Superintendent Sarah Long says school personnel were not forced to take part in that aspect of the drill.

“…which means when they actually go in and show you what an actual shooter situation is you can say: I don’t want to be one of the victims, I think that’s too scary,” says Long.

“Teachers could sign up to work in department meetings and in other professional developmental opportunities. We had about 45 members of the staff to do those.”

None of the complaining teachers have pursued legal action or filed a formal complaint on the matter.

Airsoft guns are used in competitions similar to paintball, except participants are on an honor system to stop participating once shot, unlike in paintball in which participants are clearly marked when shot.

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