Teachers’ Union Vice President – Pro Gunners Are Going to Hell

June 25 2013
by GSL Staff
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NEA-Seal-PMS-286Why does it seem like the comments from anti gunners are always so much more disparaging than pro gunners.

According to Mercury News, National teachers union leader Lily Eskelsen Garcia offered a prediction Friday about gun lobbyists and politicians who are indifferent to the carnage of gun violence.

“I’m not an ordained minister, I’m not a theologian, but these guys are going to hell,” the National Education Association’s vice president said during a panel discussion at the Netroots Nation convention of liberal online activists.

“We have to make those senators as frightened of us as they are of the gun lobby,” she said. “Shame on us if we give one inch to the gun lobby. They got where they are because they never give up. … Now the movement is us; we are the ones we were waiting for.”

I always thought our teachers were supposed to be unbiased and teach children based on facts, not political rhetoric.

This goes right in line with my predictions that the left will use public schools to create a culture that is pro-disarmament within 2 generation.

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