Sonic Robbed On Same Day They Asked Customers to Leave Legal Guns at Home

June 1 2014
by GSL Staff
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According to local media reports, a Sonic drive-in restaurant in Topeka, Kansas was robbed by two individuals. No weapons were displayed The robbery happened in broad daylight and was said to have been committed by two teenagers.

The robbery ironically happened on the same day that Sonic asked law abiding customers to not openly carry firearms in the dining area of the restaurants.

The chain became the latest national corporations who were essentially forced to weigh in on the open carry debate due to anti-gun pressure.

According to the The Huffington Post,

A Sonic spokesman said the company will defer to local laws with respect to storing guns in vehicles, but said it will no longer permit firearms in its dining areas.

“We’re asking that customers refrain from bringing guns onto our patios or into our indoor dining areas,” said Patrick Lenow, Sonic’s vice president of public relations.

He acknowledged that, before the company set the policy, he “spoke to a number of my peers at non-competing restaurant concepts” this week.

Jack in the Box saw several of their restaurants robbed in a matter of weeks after announcing a similar policy last month.

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