Some NFL Players Get Rid of Guns While Others Speak Out in Favor of Guns

December 10 2012
by GSL Staff
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The NFL has found itself in a place it likely doesn’t want to be – in the middle of the discussion on a polarizing issue for many Americans.

The recent murder-suicide committed by Jovan Belcher along with the recent anti-gun comments made by Bob Costas on national television have entangled the NFL in the national discussion on gun rights.

At least seven NFL players have turned their guns into the security offices of their respective teams. Some even saying they don’t trust themselves with the weapons.

On the other side of the debate, Chiefs linebacker Brandon Siler said, “The majority of people own them, you know, especially in the places that they’re legal. People don’t go out and shoot other people. Most of the time they’re for self-defense or sport. Yeah, people own guns, but did you ever hear him say anything about harming someone with a gun? No.”

Several other players have also come out in support for gun rights over the last week. Most of the quotes revolve around the fact that guns don’t make people commit violence.

With Bob Costas making the talk show rounds and with more and more players speaking out on both sides of the issue, don’t expect this debate regarding guns and the NFL to subside anytime soon.

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