Snoop Lion (Dogg) and T.I. Speak Out Against Guns in Recent Interview

July 1 2013
by GSL Staff
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Snoop_Dogg_live_@_BudapestTwo well known rap stars, who both have a history of illegal gun use, spoke out against guns during a recent panel on gun violence. Snoop Lion (formerly Dogg) and T.I. have each became unlikely anti-gun advocated in recent months.

Snoop included a song on his most recent album called “No Guns Allowed.” He said he is fed up with gun violence.

According to Rolling Stone,

“Once I’ve seen, you know, public venues and little elementary schools being shot, you know, with innocent kids, it started to affect me to where it’s, like, this is not just a hood situation,” Snoop said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “This is an everyday situation … And we need to address this.”

“I think we all need to hold one another accountable,” T.I. said. “As cool as we have made [guns] sound, anybody can do that. If I had it a different way, man, becoming a master of solutions, to observe a set of circumstances and say, ‘Ok, let me figure out a way without endangering myself, the community, or the other people involved in this set of circumstances. How can I find a logical, reasonable, peaceful resolution?'”

T.I. actually served prison time for federal weapons violations. Maybe we wouldn’t have such an inner city violence problems if these guys promoted responsible firearms ownership earlier in their careers instead of idolizing illegal gun use and a life of crime.

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