Sixth Grade Honor Student Suspended for Making Gun Gesture With Hand

September 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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finger-gunWell we have our first example of anti gun ridiculousness for the new school year.

According to the Washington Post, a sixth grade student in Calvery County, Maryland, has been suspended from school for making a gesture “like a gun” with his hands on the school bus.

The boy was forced to serve a 1 day in school suspension over the incident and will now have the matter on his permanent academic record.

According to the Washington Post,

Carin Read, mother of the 11-year-old student at Mill Creek Middle School in Lusby, filed an appeal of the suspension late last week, after a principal denied her request to remove the alleged infraction from her son’s school records.

“There was no threat,” Read said, describing her son as an honor student who has never been in trouble at school. “He’s been punished enough.”

We thought maybe we were moving in the right direction with these zero thought, I mean tolerance, policies towards the end of the last academic year as we had reports that several school districts were entertaining the idea of getting rid of zero tolerance weapons policies when a real weapon wasn’t involved.

Sadly, it looks like we still have quite a ways to go in that regard.

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