Six Inch Tall Toy Mortar Sparks Armed Police Raid in the UK

February 13 2013
by GSL Staff
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More madness from the UK.

A man posted a picture of an action figure who looks a little like him as his Facebook profile picture.

In the background was a six inch tall toy mortar that goes with the action figure.

Someone reported the photo and this sparked an all out police raid on the home by an armed response team.

A Gloucestershire police spokeswoman said: ‘The information was given to us in good faith and we acted with good intentions.

‘We are sure that the community would rather we acted quickly on information given to us of this nature, in case it had turned out to be a weapon.

‘The officers attending were hugely relieved that it wasn’t anything more sinister and we would much rather have a result like this than to put the public in harms way by not taking action.’

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