Sikh Man in CA Sues State Saying Strict Gun Control Violates His Religions Requirement for Self Defense

March 29 2013
by GSL Staff
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Well this is certainly an interesting twist.

You’ll remember that in August 2012 there was a mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in which six people where killed and four injured.

You might think that would make Sikhs opposed to, or afraid of guns, but you would be wrong.

The following excerpt is from a Washington Times article,

A Sikh man is suing the state of California over its gun laws, arguing they violate his First Amendment rights to practice his religion by barring him from carrying the kind of weapons he says he needs for self-defense.

Gursant Singh Khalsa, a practicing Sikh for 35 years, charges in the lawsuit filed this month that California’s laws banning military-style, semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity magazines violate mainstream Sikh doctinre requiring Sikhs “be at all time fully prepared to defend themselves and others against injustice.”

“We’re required to wear what’s called a kirpan” or dagger, he said Thursday. “I feel, as far as my religion goes, it dictates that we should have all weapons of all kinds to defend ourselves. By not being able to carry an assault rifle or weapon that has a high-capacity magazine, I don’t feel that I can defend myself or my family.”

We completely agree with mr Khalsa. Most Second Amendment supporters know that the right to self defense is a naturally occurring right which is independent of any government. Apparently the Sikh religion puts that belief into writing in their religious texts.

We support in Mr. Khalsa in his efforts to stop California’s systematic violation of both the First and Second Amendments.

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