Sheriffs in Multiple States Refusing to Enforce New Gun Control Laws

December 16 2013
by GSL Staff
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stock_DSC_0535Throughout the year, many local sheriffs have been on the front lines in the fight for gun rights.

Earlier this year, numerous sheriffs across the country announced they would not enforce any new gun laws that had to do with gun confiscation.

Now, more sheriffs are taking it a step further, saying they will not enforce new gun control laws which have been enacted in several states in recent months.

According to the New York Times, some sheriffs in Colorado are not only refusing to enforce these laws, but are actually taking active steps to see those laws repealed,

When Sheriff John Cooke of Weld County explains in speeches why he is not enforcing the state’s new gun laws, he holds up two 30-round magazines. One, he says, he had before July 1, when the law banning the possession, sale or transfer of the large-capacity magazines went into effect. The other, he “maybe” obtained afterward.

He shuffles the magazines, which look identical, and then challenges the audience to tell the difference.

“How is a deputy or an officer supposed to know which is which?” he asks…

…In New York State, where Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed one of the toughest gun law packages in the nation last January, two sheriffs have said publicly they would not enforce the laws — inaction that Mr. Cuomo said would set “a dangerous and frightening precedent.” The sheriffs’ refusal is unlikely to have much effect in the state: According to the state’s Division of Criminal Justice Services, since 2010 sheriffs have filed less than 2 percent of the two most common felony gun charges. The vast majority of charges are filed by the state or local police.

Sheriffs are the only law enforcement officers elected directly by the people. State and local police chiefs are usually appointed to their positions by politicians, making them more likely to hold the same gun control views as their bosses. This means larger, more liberal cities and states tend to have local and state police agencies that are dominated by an anti-gun mindset (obviously there are exceptions).

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