Shannon Watts on Moms Demand Action – “We’re Not Anti-Gun, We Support the Second Amendment”

April 26 2014
by GSL Staff
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Apparently Moms Demand Action founder and Bloomberg lackey Shannon Watts is just doing interviews at the NRA Meetings in Indianapolis.

In a statement made on camera to, Watts says that Moms Demand Action is not anti-gun and that they support the Second Amendment.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t categorize Moms Demand Action as being anywhere near pro-gun and I’m sure in my opinion of most, wanting to ban entire classifications of firearms and make it harder for people to obtain firearms is definitively anti-gun.

Watts brought up the fact that both of her grandfathers were avid hunters and WW2 veterans as if that makes her some sort of firearms expert.

Watts also goes into her poor stay at home mom who started a grassroots movement routine, failing to mention her extremely lucrative and long running corporate career acting in communications and public relations for companies such as GE Healthcare and genetic engineering/chemical giant Monsanto.

Just for those who aren’t aware, this is the work history for Shannon Watts according to her LinkedIn Profile, doesn’t seem like such a “grassroots” organization when you look at whose behind it, does it?

Freelance Senior Consultant/Counselor at Fleishman-Hillard
Founder and President at VoxPop Public Relations
Vice President, Corporate Communications at WellPoint
Director, Global Communications at GE Healthcare
Director, Global Public and Corporate Affairs at Monsanto
Vice President, Corporate and Public Affairs at Fleishman-Hillard
Public Affairs Officer at Missouri State Government

Whose at home with Watts’ kids when she’s on the road doing these press events all the time anyway? Just askin.

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