Blog: Second NYC Tourist Arrested in a Week For Trying to Check Gun

January 3 2012
by GSL Staff
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Ryan Jerome is a United States Marine who is now in hot water in New York City (NYC). The man tried to check a concealed gun at the empire state building in NYC. He had a valid concealed weapons permit for his home state of Indiana. He mistakenly thought that he could carry his gun in NYC using his permit. When he tried to check his gun at the Empire State Building (a common practice for off limits locations in states with carry permits) he was immediately arrested and spent the next two days in jail.

Jerome has no criminal history and served his country in the USMC. Under NYC’s gun laws (the strictest in the country) Jerome will face a minimum of 2 years in prison. The way the law is written prosecutors can’t give him less than that even if they wanted to (unless they drop the charges).

Jerome is the second law abiding tourist in about a week to mistakenly think they could use their out of state carry permit to carry a gun in NYC. Meredith Graves, a 39 year old medical student from Tennessee, was arrested at the 9/11 memorial in NYC after she tried to check her gun (for which she possessed a legal Tennessee carry permit). Graves also thought her permit would allow her to carry in NYC (as it does in dozens of other states). Graves, like Jerome, will likely face two years in prison. She has no previous criminal history.

Also in December, Tea Party Patriots co-founder, Mark Meckler was arrested at a NYC airport for trying to check his Glock 27 handgun. Meckler has a concealed carry permit that is valid in CA. Despite the fact that the CA permit is one of the strictest and hardest to get in the nation it is still not honored in NYC.

In all three of these cases the people arrested were trying to find out the right thing to do by talking with authorities.

While many state’s do honor each other’s permits permit holders are responsible for knowing all local and state laws for all areas they will be passing through. Many states also tell their permit holders that when they are in question as to whether they can legally carry a gun somewhere, or need to know what to do with their gun, they should consult a law enforcement officer or security personnel for further instructions. This explains why these individuals simply approached authorities about their guns.

It is strongly advisable to learn and research all weapons related laws for any place you will be visiting before leaving your home. is a good resource for finding state laws. However double check as state laws can change and changes may not immediately be reflected on online resources.

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