Second Colorado Anti Gun Lawmaker to be Recalled

June 12 2013
by GSL Staff
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Angela_Giron_2011Just days after pro gun advocates delivered more than enough signatures to recall Colorado Senate President John Morse, signatures have been delivered to recall a second Colorado lawmaker.

Supporters of the recall effort delivered over 13,000 signatures on Monday to recall Sen. Angela Giron, of Pueblo. This is about 20% more signatures than are needed to initiate a recall election. Giron played a central role in the passing of Colorado’s recent magazine capacity limit and universal background check.

During a recall election, a special election will take place and the sitting lawmaker will be forced to defend their seat.

According to CBS,

Giron, who won by 10 percentage points in 2010, already has attracted a Republican opponent. Retired police officer George Rivera is seeking signatures to be the GOP candidate on ballots if Giron is recalled.

Rivera is a first-time candidate who said he was unsettled by several actions by Giron and the Democratic Legislature. But the gun measures inspired his run for office, he said.

“This race is going to have some large implications even nationwide,” Rivera said Monday.

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