Seattle Mayor Pressures Businesses to Go “Gun Free” With Powerful, Magic No Guns Allowed Signs

August 21 2013
by GSL Staff
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No_GunSeattle Mayor Mike McGinn thinks businesses in his city should be gun free.

The mayor plans to accomplish this with Gun Free signs that apparently possess some type of ancient Elven magic that automatically prevents entry to anyone carrying a firearm.

It is unclear if the stickers, which were made by a sorceress on the top of a mystical mountain and imbued with fire magic will allow entry to good guys with guns, such as law enforcement officers.

When we tried to reach the sorceress for comment she spoke an ancient language and we think there might have been a curse placed on our offices.

According to,

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is now pushing business owners to go gun free. He apparently is frustrated that lawmakers in Olympia didn’t pass gun control legislation and wants to take matters into his own hands. He teamed up with Washington Ceasefire on Monday to announce a voluntary program for businesses to become “gun free zones.”

Here is one of the magical signs in action, as tweeted from the mayor’s Twitter account.

Wait, what’s that? We’re getting breaking news – the stickers are not actually magical! They are freaking stickers. Stickers that tell thieves and armed robbers where the easy targets are.

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