SC Governor Nikki Haley Receives Gun for Christmas, Liberals Freak Out – One Says “You Should Use it On Yourself”

December 27 2013
by Dan Cannon
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Nikki HaleySC Governor Nikky Haley, an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment and gun rights in general apparently got a new Beretta PX4 Storm for Christmas.

Of course, this makes liberals extremely angry. Heaven forbid someone in the public spotlight takes personal responsibility for their own safety.

Safely cuddled behind their Internet anonymity, the idiots really came out and let the Governor have it on Twitter.

Hat tip: Twitchy

Governor Haley is a pretty tough lady so I’m pretty sure she’s not going to be losing any sleep over these comments, but it certainly shows the anti-gun mindset, doesn’t it?

Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

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Dan has combined his education and professional background in technology with his passion for shooting and personal rights to create one of the most read Second Amendment news websites online. His articles are also syndicated in The Daily Caller's "Guns and Gear" Section.

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