San Francisco Police Chief Heather Fong Has Skipped Mandatory Firearms Qualification for Years

August 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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UPDATE: Apparently this story is from a couple of years ago. Didn’t realize that at the time of publication. We’ll leave it up for historical purposes, and it is an interesting story, but note that it is not current. We’ll pay better attention to the dates of stories that get sent our way from now on.

San Francisco Police Chief Heather Fong admitted to not taking the mandatory shooting qualifications required for all police officers who carry a gun for several years.

According to SFGate,

The issue of Fong’s proficiency with a gun was raised last week by Officer Andrew Cohen. He wrote to Police Commission President Theresa Sparks that the chief had gone five years without being certified, which he called “an egregious matter of misconduct.”

“I know the chief is busy, and an occasional lapse or non-appearance may be justified,” Cohen wrote. “However, 10 consecutive failures to qualify are simply outrageous and insulting to all the men and women of the department.”

Fong has been part of an administration in San Francisco that has pushed hard for additional gun control in recent months and years.

The chief has not yet said when she plans to take a qualification.

The city’s Police Commission is expected to take disciplinary action against Fong for the complete disregard for the department’s firearm’s policies, but it is unclear if that will amount to a slap on the wrist or real punishment.

The department has a policy of an automatic suspension after missing 4 of the mandatory qualifying sessions.

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