Retired Navy SEAL Shot in Parking Lot, Chases Suspects, Then Drives Himself to Police Station

April 2 2014
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.50.23 PMThis one isn’t directly gun related, but I do like to point out incredible stories, especially those involving our service members, from time to time.

In this case I think we can make the determination that retired Navy SEAL, Christopher Mark Heben, is a BAMF.

Heben was walking into a cafe in Ohio when he was nearly hit by a car. Heben and the driver of the car apparently exchanged some words (I’d probably have some words for someone who almost hit me with a car too).

Heben then walked into the cafe. A few minutes later, after realizing he left his wallet in the car, Heben exited the cafe.

The car that was part of the initial altercation pulled up alongside Heben and a passenger inside the vehicle shot him once in the stomach.

Of course, Heben could have just waited on assistance right there, but apparently that’s not his style.

Heben got into his vehicle and gave chase to the suspects. However he was unable to catch up the vehicle and then drove himself to a nearby police station for help.

According to NewsNet5,

Heben drove to the Bath Township Fire Department and on his way there, saw the three suspects pull on I-77 from Ghent Road.

“He indicated to us he actually plugged the hole in his abdomen to stop the bleeding as he drove to the station,” said Bath Township Police Chief Mike McNeely.

He was treated by Bath fire personnel and taken to Akron General.

Heben told police the suspects’ vehicle is a low-profile sports car painted a shade of gray that is “neither primer nor metallic.” It has a raised spoiler, performance muffler, black rims and black tint on the side rear and back windows.

Heben has been posting updates about his condition to his Facebook page.

Looks like he has some good reading there with his copy of American Rifleman.

The following is from Heben’s website,

Chris is a U.S. special operations veteran and dedicated father. Following his military service, Chris returned home to pursue his creative and entrepreneurial passions. Today, he is owner of INVICTVS Group, a featured subject matter expert on Fox News and CNN, the official voice of Under Armor’s TV show Ridge Reaper, and co-star of Animal Planet’s Ivory Wars. Currently, Chris is hard at work promoting his debut album, The Patriot Project.

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