Restaurant Posts Pro-Carry Sign, Overwhelmingly Positive Response Causes Them to Run Out of Food – Twice

July 23 2014
by GSL Staff
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Earlier this month we reported that the Shiloh Brew and Chew in Maryville, TN saw a significant uptick in business after posting a pro-carry sign outside their restaurant.

Now, the media attention from that sign has only increased their business. According to local media reports, the restaurant has been so busy they completely ran out of food and had to close down – twice. From WATE,

Owner Sharma Floyd says she can barely keep up with all of the new business she’s getting.

“I’ve now been overwhelmed. I’ve now run out of food twice,” Floyd said.

The restaurant has been staying open late, and Floyd says she’s hiring seven more people this week alone.

“I can honestly say it is the absolute best thing I have done since I’ve been at Shiloh. It’s been incredible for my business.”

Before putting up the sign, the restaurant was actually on the verge of going under.

Are you paying attention anti-gun businesses?

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