Reporter Who Thought Earplugs Were Rubber Bullets Causes Most Hilarious Twitter Discussion Ever

August 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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As we reported yesterday, the justice reporter for the Huffington Post, Ryan J Reilly, tweeted a photo of foam earplugs with the caption, “I believe these are rubber bullets, can anyone confirm? #Fergurson”

Of course, they aren’t rubber bullets, they’re foam earplugs, the same kind used on construction sites, at shooting ranges, sleeping on a plane, etc.

Naturally, the tweet went viral and that spurred one of the funniest hashtags of the year, #CanAnyoneConfirm.

The tweets involve photos of everyday objects being mistake for more more diabolical objects and, of course, tagging Reilly.

Reilly did admit his mistake, but it was too late, the internet already had everything they needed.

Here is Reilly’s original tweet:

Without further delay, here is the hilariousness that ensued over the last 24 hours:

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