Raw Video: Carjacker/Kidnapper is Pulled Out of Car, Beaten, and Held for Police by Bystanders

July 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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This one isn’t directly gun related, but is a story involving the defense of others. One of the biggest complaints I have when I see numerous crime videos posted to Youtube is that the bystanders in the video rarely, if ever, do anything to help the victims.

Finally, in this case we see some bystanders get involved in a broad daylight carjacking and what appears to be a kidnapping.

Several bystanders stopped a car as it was being stolen, took the keys, drug the suspect out the car, and physically restrained him until police arrived.

According to 10News.com,

The suspect, identified as 21-year-old Ismael Hernandez, got into the driver’s seat and tried to drive the vehicle with the woman and child inside before hitting a pole, San Diego police said. The video showed him being dragged out of the car and taken to the ground by several men. He was hit and kicked as he struggled to get away.

After an officer arrived on scene and tried to take him into custody, Hernandez continued to resist arrest. The bystanders again stepped in and helped hold him down.

According to the video description,

City Heights, San Diego 7/13/14

Guy tries to jack a car with women and children. Community members jump in to help the women grabbing the keys out of carjacker’s hands pulling him out of the car, while police are called, when carjacker tries to get away he is brought down and held there till police arrived, Carjacker was taken into custody.

Women and children were checked out by EMT, seemed shaken up but no physical injuries.

The suspect faces charges of attempted carjacking, attempted kidnapping, and attempted auto theft.

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