Pro Gun Supporters Outnumber Anti Gunners 2-1 at Bloomberg Gun Event in Atlanta

June 24 2013
by GSL Staff
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StoryAccording to an article by Claude Werner, a firearms instructor and competitive shooter, the “event” held by anti gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Atlanta today was a bust.

Werner, who attended the event said that pro gun supporters from the grass roots pro gun organization outnumbered the anti gun crowd at least 2-1. It also seems that many of those attending for the anti gun side of things were part of the Bloomberg bus tour.

This marks yet another anti gun event in which only a handful of people showed up. A couple of weeks ago, the president’s non-profit, Organizing for Action, hosted anti gun rallies across the country. Many of these rallies, including those blue states such as California, drew less than five protestors.

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns bus tour, called “No More Names” is a cross country event sponsored by Bloomberg in which anti gun advocates are traveling the country and reading the names of those killed by guns. The events drew criticism last week after it was learned that one of the Boston Bombing suspects was on that list, along with numerous criminals killed by police and law abiding citizens in self defense.

Just yesterday, the mayor of Illinois’s third largest town announced he was leaving MAIG due to their increasingly anti-gun stance that ends up targeting law abiding gun owners more than criminals.

The group also came under fire recently when it was learned that the group is using New York City employees and web servers to manage their websites. Those resources are taxpayer funded.

Apparently June just isn’t MAIG’s month.

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