Pregnant Mother & Wife of Air Force Master Sergeant Arrested For Trying to Check Unloaded Gun at NY Airport

April 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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A pregnant mother of 1 and the wife of an Air Force Master Sergeant was arrested for a class C felony when she tried to check her unloaded handgun at La Guardia International Airport.

The mother, from North Dakota, had no problems checking the weapon when she left North Dakota, no problems with the airline, no problems with the TSA, nothing. She had no problems retrieving her checked bags in NY. She was traveling to NY to visit her husband while he was on leave.

The trouble began when she tried to return home. She declared the gun just as she had in ND. That’s when she was cuffed, arrested, and her daughter taken away.

The problem was the woman didn’t read up on NY’s laws which basically prevent you from checking a gun at the airport under most circumstances.

The issue was made worse because the woman had ammo, in a separate box, with the gun (completely legal to fly with in almost all states). NYC treats this as a loaded gun and carries a possible prison sentence of 15 years.

The woman is due in court back in NY around the time she is due to have her second child.

The following quote from a NYC attorney’s website specializing in these cases shows this to be an apparently common issue.

“So why are you reading this website? You’re an honest citizen who followed all the rules. When you left AnyTown, USA Airport, you were treated respectfully when you made your firearm declaration. Your luggage, with the TSA lockbox, was inspected and cheerfully accepted for your flight to JFK or LaGuardia and you had no problem retrieving your luggage in New York,” Kane’s website states. “But when you came to the airport to return home and followed the same approved procedure, all hell broke loose. You were arrested, spent several hours or overnight in custody, appeared before a judge where the DA asked for humongous bail, and you were finally released and told to come back with a lawyer. Now you’re scared and fighting mad at the same time. What’s going on?”

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