Potential Zimmerman Trial Jurors Asked About Gun Ownership & Experience With Guns During Questioning

June 20 2013
by GSL Staff
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ap_george_zimmerman_kb_121204_wblogThe pool of potential jurors on the George Zimmerman case are being asked all sorts of questions to determine potential biases and issues.

Among those questions being asked by the defense was in regards to gun ownership. The jurors were asked if they owned guns and if they had ever fired guns.

According to a Fox News report,

The prosecutor also asked if potential jurors either owned or had fired guns and if the race or age of Martin was important to any decision they would make. About two dozen jury candidates either owned or had fired guns, and a white man in his 60s said he was a member of the NRA. No one said age and race mattered.

Potential jurors were also read the Second Degree murder charge being brought against Zimmerman this week.

As we’ve previously reported, it has already been decided that jurors in the case will be sequestered for the entirety of the trial.

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