Police Shooting of Walmart Shopper Who Was Carrying BB Gun is Looking Bad

August 11 2014
by GSL Staff
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You may have heard about the story of the Dayton father of two who was shot and killed by police in a Walmart store. It seems that the man had picked up a Crosman .177 caliber BB/pellet gun (it’s a clone of a SCAR rifle) that he intended to buy.

Someone called the police saying there was a man with in a gun in the store. Police responded and shot the man, identified as John Crawford.

According to The Dayton Daily News,

Crawford, 22, of Ridge Drive in Fairfield, was identified as the man Beavercreek police shot and killed Tuesday night.

LeeCee Johnson, who said she is the mother of Crawford’s children, said she was on a cell phone call with Crawford when he was shot by officers. She said Crawford went to the area to visit family members.

“We was just talking. He said he was at the video games playing videos and he went over there by the toy section where the toy guns were. And the next thing I know, he said ‘It’s not real,’ and the police start shooting and they said ‘Get on the ground,’ but he was already on the ground because they had shot him,” she said, adding: “And I could hear him just crying and screaming. I feel like they shot him down like he was not even human.”

It all started when a former Marine and his wife apparently thought that they were being heroes by calling police. According to the Dayton Daily News,

One 911 call released by Beavercreek police was from Ronald Ritchie of Riverside, who was inside Walmart. He told dispatchers at 8:21 p.m. Tuesday that he saw a man “walking around with a gun in the store.”

Ritchie, an ex-Marine, said the man was pointing a black rifle at people near the pet section and that “he’s loading it right now.” Later, he said, “He looked like he was trying to load it, I don’t know.” He then added, “He just pointed it at two children.”

Later, a person on the call can be heard yelling that he’d been shot.

Ritchie’s wife, April, told this newspaper on Wednesday that Crawford was on his cell phone and that people looked at him with disbelief as he held the rifle. The Ritchies said that some scurried in different directions and that three people went into a stock room.

April Ritchie said Crawford held his phone between his left ear and shoulder while moving the rifle around. “He just kept messing with it and I heard it clicking,” she said.

Does anyone else find it extremely odd that a Marine would not be able to tell a BB gun from a real rifle in close quarters?

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