Open Letter to Michael Bloomberg – You’ll Never Win

May 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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minuteman1Dear Mr. Bloomberg,

I understand that as a multi-billionaire you have to find non-traditional ways to pass your time. I’m sure rolling around in mounds of $100 bills just doesn’t bring the same enjoyment that it used to. I guess that it’s hard to find pleasure in the little things such as playing a round of golf, spending time with your family, or enjoying your private tropical estate. I guess it’s only natural that you would take up pet projects to occupy your time. Many multi-billionaires end up doing the very same thing later in life. However, I’m here to tell you, in your effort to disarm Americans – You’ll never win.

There are an estimated 300,000,000+ guns in the United States. This number is growing at a faster rate than ever over the last several years. Efforts to ban or regulate guns only spur higher sales of the very guns you are seeking to regulate.

Over the last several years you have had to form THREE different anti-gun groups in order to generate media attention for your cause. You tout email list signups and Facebook “Likes” as “members”. Despite these questionable “membership” numbers, you still haven’t gotten anywhere close to the NRA’s 5 million+ DUES PAYING members or even the DUES PAYING members of Gun Owners of America (300,000+) or the Second Amendment Foundation (nearly 1,000,000).

Outside of yourself and other uber rich donors, how many people send you annual checks of their hard earned money to support your gun control efforts? Few to none? That’s what I thought. It’s one thing to sign up for a mailing list or like a Facebook page, but it’s another to actually show up for protests or get out your checkbook once a year. This is why your protests regularly have dozens or maybe, maybe hundreds of people while ours have thousands, or even tens of thousands.

Your “members” join your organizations because they think it’s a cool, or trendy thing to do, like changing your social media profile picture in support of the flavor of the month causes we see come and go so often. We take action because we know it’s the right thing to do for our country.

Your efforts to squash a grassroots effort to recall three state senators in Colorado are largely credited as being the very reason that the recall succeeded (in case you haven’t noticed, many people take offense when billionaires try to buy local elections).

You were around in 1994 Mr. Bloomberg, right? You remember what happened in the national elections following the passage of the federal “assault weapons” ban don’t you?

You can keep throwing money at this issue all you want. You can keep touting your inflated membership numbers. You can form new organizations to try to reinvent your efforts as much as you want. We will still be here, more resilient than ever. We will continue to dedicate our time, money and votes to protecting our rights. You’ll never win.

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