NYPD Considering Swapping Beyonce Tickets for Guns in New Gun Buyback Program

February 27 2013
by Dan Cannon
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Via TheDailyCaller.com, In today’s news from the mysterious and tyrannical land of New York, the NYPD is considering allowing a program to move forward which would allow residents to swap their gun for Beyonce tickets.

The program is being proposed by Michael Williams, a talent manager.

Police Commisioner Ray Kelly said that if the program is a go, police would need to be present during the exchanges: “You need police officers present. You’d need the expertise,” he said.

Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

Founder & Editor at GunsSaveLives.net
Dan has combined his education and professional background in technology with his passion for shooting and personal rights to create one of the most read Second Amendment news websites online. His articles are also syndicated in The Daily Caller's "Guns and Gear" Section.

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