NYC Mayor Bloomberg Says “Most people I know don’t even have a gun.”

January 22 2013
by GSL Staff
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At a lunch attended by mayors from around the country, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City used the opportunity to further his gun control agenda.

He called on the mayors to help pressure Congress to pass more restrictive gun laws and called for stricter enforcement of current laws.

“This is not a Constitutional question, but it is a political courage question and it is an issue for Washington — we can’t do it alone,” Bloomberg said.

“This week President Obama and Vice President Biden did step up and put forward a comprehensive plan for attacking gun violence, and I give them both a lot of credit for listening to the voices of everyday Americans and putting public safety ahead of special interests.”

At one point Bloomberg said, “Most people I know don’t even have a gun.” That’s because you have pretty much taken that right away from your constituents Mr. Mayor.

The mayor and I obviously travel in different circles as most people I know DO have a gun. Usually more than one, and I’d feel safer sitting at lunch with them than with Mayor Bloomberg.

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