NYC Authorities Confiscate 250+ Guns in Operation

August 19 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to ABC, authorities in New York have reportedly confiscated of 250 illegal (under NY law) firearms as part of a gun smuggling bust.

The gun investigation started as a result of a drug investigation which led to information about a gun operation.

The guns, all completely legal in the Carolinas (where they are suspected of coming from) were also most likely legally sold as there is no universal background check requirement in those states.

According to reports, sellers did know the guns were going to New York in some cases and would be illegally sold.

According to ABC,

“Perhaps the two most disturbing aspects of the gun-trafficking operation were the simplicity of the business model, and the complete indifference of the gun suppliers to the mayhem their actions would cause here in New York City,” Brennan said. “The marketing strategy was buy low, sell high and keep a low profile.”

Undercover agents made numerous purchases from the gun sellers in New York over the course of several months.

Keep in mind these guns and these transactions are completely legal in most parts of the country. The almost outright ban on private guns in New York City is what has created this artificial black market for firearms.

If anything, this should show that simply banning an object has little to no effect on its availability. We have also seen this same idea illustrated by the United States’ failed War on Drugs.

Earlier this year New York passed some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation on the heels of the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut.

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