NY Forcing Gun Owners to File Form to Get Privacy

May 15 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to a CBS New York report on gun owners in NY, residents who own guns in NY must file a request in order to keep their information private from future open records requests.

However, not just anyone can keep their info private from prying eyes.

According to CBS,

Among those eligible are active or retired law enforcement officers, people under a currently valid order of protection and current and former witnesses and jurors in criminal cases.

Gun owners and their relatives can also request the exemption if they believe their lives or safety would be endangered or they would be subject to “unwarranted harassment” if the records were disclosed.

Law enforcement can also deny the request at their discretion.

Unlike most states, New York actually requires a license to even own a gun. This is a far cry from many states such as Arizona or New Hampshire where you don’t even need a license to carry a gun, let alone purchase one.

New York’s licensing and privacy of gun owners has been in the spotlight since the names and addresses of many of the states gun owners were assembled into an interactive map by a local newspaper. It appears there may have been targeted burglaries based on the map.

Some local authorities in NY are refusing to comply with open records requests and are keeping the privacy of their gun owning citizens private.

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