NY Daily News Publishes Questionable Account of Why Former Gun Owner Gave Up His Guns – Real or Fake?

January 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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The NY Daily News has published an editorial by a former New Yorker living in the South.

Supposedly the author turned into an avid gun owner, racking up hundreds of hours at the range and learning about firearms.

Yet, when needed during a burglary the author allegedly kept working the slide for some reason and unloaded the shotgun he had just loaded (after dropping most of the shells on the ground).

There are so many inconsistencies in this story that a person with hundreds of hours of range time would simply not make. A pump shotgun can be stored very safely in “cruiser ready” mode (no shell the chamber, but the tube magazine loaded) assuming no children can access the weapon. It would take one pump to bring the shotgun into action. Less than half a second. Also, on every popular pump shotgun, the action locks once a round is chambered. You either have to fire the gun, or press the action release switch to rack it again.

After this ordeal the owner allegedly sold all of his guns because he saw that he couldn’t actually use them in self defense and that defensive gun uses are nothing more than fantasy (Don’t tell that to the hundreds of people we’ve documented doing just that over the last year).

I guess this story is supposed to dissuade people from buying guns for the first time or to get rid of their current guns.

We’re certainly not saying this story is fabricated. However, there are many inconsistencies when looking at all of the facts.

You be the judge. Is this a real or fake story?

Click Here to read the entire story.

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