NY Community Forces One of the Oldest Shooting Ranges in the Nation to Close

July 20 2014
by GSL Staff
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One of the oldest shooting ranges in the nation (not pictured, stock photo) was forced to close its doors this week following a dispute with a community in Westchester County, NY.

According to CBS New York,

After more than 70 years in operation, a Westchester County shooting range is being forced to shutter its doors.

Neighbors of the open-air gun range in Greenburgh wanted the site shut down due to noise and safety issues.

And on Wednesday, those opposed to the range got their wish. Con Edison, which owns the land on Ardsley Road, said it is terminating the lease with the shooting range, CBS 2 reported.

An attorney for the Westchester Police Revolver and Rifle League said the decision was politically motivated.

“The range has a 73-year record of safety. If this truly was a public safety issue, it’s one we could have easily resolved. Con Ed has made purely a political decision,” the attorney said.

A woman who lives nearby was allegedly struck in the leg by a piece of metal in her background, starting the recent push for the closure. Operators of the range say that based on the woman’s property location and the backstop used at the range that it would have been impossible for her to have been struck.

The more likely reason is that the range is annoying residents nearby, many of which are higher end, suburban homes.

Shooting ranges, particularly in the eastern United States, are coming under fire more and more often as urban sprawl becomes a bigger problem. In many areas, shooters in the East are confined to short range indoor facilities unless they want to drive very far out of their way.

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