NRA Joins Effort to Recall Anti Gun Colorado State Senator

May 21 2013
by GSL Staff
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Democratic Colorado Senate President John Morse led the recent charge in Colorado to turn the once pro gun, conservative mountain state into one of the more anti gun states in the US. In addition to the measures that did pass in Colorado, universal background checks and magazine capacity limits for instance, Morse also sponsored legislation that would have made gun owners liable for damage done by stolen firearms. Even his fellow Democratic lawmakers shot down that idea, with on Democrat calling it “nuts”.

Now there is an effort underway to recall Morse. This would force Morse to defend his seat in a special election. The El Paso Freedom Defense Committee and the Basic Freedom Defense Fund are leading the effort on the ground and they must collect 7,000 signatures by June 3rd in Morse’s home district in order to initiate a recall.

The local effort may now get the boost it needs to succeed as the NRA has now stepped into the local fight. Sending out mailers to members the NRA called for help to make the recall happen.

“I’m preparing myself for the campaign of a lifetime,” Morse told the Denver Post. “I’ll be campaigning for all those killed by gun violence, because, you see, leaders never take or receive credit, they only get the blame.”

If you would like to donate to the effort to recall Morse, you can do so here: (awesome domain name by the way). It is estimated that the recall process will cost around $150,000 and it is thought that anti gun money from national sources may find its way into Morse’s defense.

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