NJ County Pays Almost $50k in Gun Buyback To Get 15 “Assault Weapons” Off Street

March 19 2013
by GSL Staff
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Officials in Morris County, NJ spent nearly $50,000 on a gun buyback program that netted 15 “illegal assault weapons” (you know, those weapons that are legal in almost every other state that doesn’t have ‘New’ in front of its name or end in ‘fornia’)”.

Sounds like an amazing use of taxpayer dollars (please note sarcasm).

There were over 600 guns collected. The rest included standard capacity handguns, revolvers, antique rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns and 33 BB guns (wouldn’t want those kids in NJ to have too much fun).

The program was a no questions asked buyback with no arrests being made for the “illegal” weapons.

“This operation demonstrated, once again, the great success that can be achieved when law enforcement agencies act in collaboration with each other in their continuing efforts to protect the citizens of Morris County,” Morris County Chief of Investigations William Schievella said in the statement from Knapp’s office.

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