New York Town Sets Up Anonymous Tip Line With $500 Reward for Reporting “Illegal Guns”

June 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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new-yorkThe town of Peeskill, NY has instituted a program in which the good folks of that town can snitch on their neighbors and make money in the process.

The town is instituting an anonymous tip line in which callers can tell authorities about suspected illegal guns. If the information from the call results in police confiscating an “illegal firearm” then the caller will be rewarded with $500 of cold hard cash.

According to,

Mayor Mary Foster and Chief Eric Johansen introduced “Operation Safe Streets,” a program in which residents can help get illegal guns off the street by calling an anonymous tip line. If the tip results in police confiscating an illegal gun, the caller will receive a $500 cash reward.

So, I have to wonder, does an anonymous call about an “illegal” gun give police enough to get a search warrant? Or will they simply go to the reported location and do a meet and greet with the owner the of the suspected weapon? Will legal gun owners who are mistakenly reported have to turn in all of their guns to check registration status and make sure they are in compliance with New York’s numerous gun laws? You can see how this would get problematic very quickly.

Also according to,

The program was suggested by Councilman Darren Rigger, who saw it as a way to reduce crime while maintaining the city’s economic growth.

“In this post-Newtown, Conn., world we live in, when communities want to make cities and their streets safer they cannot wait to get that done. They cannot wait for the state to come in and help, they cannot wait for the federal government to come in and help. Every community has to step forward and do it themselves and here in the City of Peekskill, we are ready to lead that fight,” Rigger said.

I’m not sure what a “post-Newtown, Conn., world” is, but it sounds like a town in New York where the Fourth Amendment doesn’t exist in regards to gun ownership.

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