New York Homeland Security Director Allegedly Used Gun’s Laser as Pointing Device During Presentation

January 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 3.21.02 PMSooo…yeah…apparently this happened (allegedly anyway).

According to a report by The Times Union, Jerome M. Hauer, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s director of homeland security, was giving a presentation to an international delegation.

Like many presentations, this one included visual aids. Sometimes, when you’re using visual aids, it’s good to have some sort of pointing device to point things out to your audience. Laser pointers work great for this.

Unfortunately, Hauer apparently didn’t have a pointing device during this presentation, so he improvised.

By improvised I mean he drew his laser sight equipped Glock 9mm handgun, allegedly swept a Swedish diplomat with the laser and then proceeded to use it to point out a map of New York during the presentation.

While the Times Union has not been able to 100% verify the story, they do have statements from alleged eye witnesses and no one, from DHS or the New York State government has denied the story either.

Hauer, who is not a sworn law enforcement officer, but rather a civilian employee, may have also violated state law by carrying the Glock handgun into state government buildings.

There are some people in the anti-gun community who think that only law enforcement and government officials (such as Hauer) should be able to carry guns.

Hauer is considered an expert on counter-terrorism and biological warfare.

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