[Video] New Completely 3D Printed Rifle Fires 14 Shots Before Failing

August 8 2013
by GSL Staff
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As most people are now aware, 3D blueprints for guns are now widely available on the net following the release of multiple gun plans by Texas based Defense Distributed.

Since their release, the Internet has done what it does best with open source information – it has improved on it.

Now, we have video of a Canadian who has re-designed, printed and fired a fully 3D printed rifle.

The rifle is a .22LR, single shot firearm that must be reloaded by removing the barrel, manually clearing the spent casing and loading a new round.

In a series of video, the maker of the gun fired 14 rounds through the rifle before it developed a crack in barrel.

This is the second rifle prototype from this individual. The first rifle developed a barrel crack after a single shot.

3D printed guns made a big splash in the media and with the US Government earlier this year when Defense Distributed successfully printed and fired a 3D printed AR-15 lower receiver as well a completely 3D printed, single shot handgun.

The US State Department famously shut down DD’s website and sharing the of 3D plans, but it was too late, the files were already in the wild and are now available through a variety of file sharing sites and Bit Torrent networks.

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