New Alabama Gun Law Makes it Easier to Get Carry Permits, Including for Residents Aged 18-20

August 12 2013
by GSL Staff
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stock_holsterA new law in Alabama is making it harder for sheriffs to deny carry permits to applicants. This includes residents aged 18-20 who have always been able to legally apply for a permit, but were almost always denied by sheriffs.

According to, sheriffs are now seeing an increase in people under 21 applying for permits because it’s now harder for them to be denied.

According to the article,

“Everybody in the world wants to know about this,” [Bobby Timmons, executive director of the Alabama Sheriffs Association] said.

Timmons said people that age have always been able to apply for pistol permits in Alabama. But many sheriffs never processed the applications if they thought a person was too immature to carry a concealed weapon.

“Before we said, ‘Get the hell out of this office. I’m not giving you a permit,'” Timmons said.

Classy sheriff. Anyway, now a sheriff has to articulate the reason for a denial in writing, using the written guidelines laid out by the new law. If someone is denied, they can appeal the decision to a judge, who has another 30 days to act on the application.

Barry Matson, deputy director of Alabama District Attorneys Association, is advising sheriffs that when maturity is an issue, they should not only check with parents, but also local school officials and juvenile probation officers. That way, they can find valid reasons they can put in writing for rejecting an application for “public safety” reasons, he said.

It’s kind of discouraging that sheriffs and DA’s are more or less conspiring to disarm part of the population. There are tens of thousands of people aged 17-20 in our military who are trusted with fully automatic weapons and explosives, but I guess Alabama law enforcement feels that while those people are old enough to die for our country, they aren’t old enough to carry a firearm.

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