Nebraska School District Decides to Allow Students to Pose With Guns for Senior Photos

October 24 2014
by GSL Staff
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What’s this? A little bit of common sense from a public school district on the issue of gun rights?!

It certainly appears that way. A school in Nebraska has recently ruled that high school photos may include guns in senior portraits as long as the rest of the photo falls school guidelines.

According to ABC News,

Students can pose with any type of prop, from rifles to basketballs, as long as what they’re wearing meets the school’s dress code and the photo is “tasteful and appropriate,” according to the new policy introduced this week.

“We are a very rural community right in the center of Nebraska where hunting and other shooting sports are very popular,” Broken Bow Public Schools Superintendent Mark Sievering said. “We have something that is known as the One Box Pheasant Hunt that is a hunt attended by people all over the nation.”

The school is one of a few schools which seem to be losing ground in that it has several shooting sports teams and multiple students who compete with guns on a weekly basis.

The school wants to clarify that senior photos are taken by an independent photographer off campus, so any fears of a 1st grader handling guns at school are unfounded (not that there would be anything wrong with that under proper adult supervision).

With all of the talk of suspensions and other students getting in trouble for just saying something about guns, it’s certainly refreshing to see a school district on the right side of the law.

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