NBC Freaks Out Over the Fact that Panther’s DE Greg Hardy Owns 10 Guns, Including a Tavor

May 16 2014
by GSL Staff
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Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy is facing accusations of domestic violence (note, these are currently accusations), and due to a court order, Hardy was forced to turn over his firearms to authorities.

NBC Sports got wind of it and of course had to do a quick write up complete with the most classic anti-gun arguments such as Hardy owns guns that are obviously not for hunting (oh noes!) and some of them even look scary!

According to NBC,

The list of 10 guns, as posted by Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, includes a number of shotguns and hunting rifles.

But the first item on the list, the Tavor SAR .223 (pictured), doesn’t look like something you take deer hunting (unless you really hate deer).

But it’s still quite the arsenal, especially considering he lives in a downtown condominium and not a hunting preserve.

Just as an FYI to NBC, and not that it matters, but I plan on taking my Tavor into the woods this year. With it’s 1/7 twist barrel it should be able to handle the new heavy game loads many ammo manufacturers are putting out in .223 and it’s compact nature should make it perfect for handling in a stand or a blind.

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