MSNBC Contributor – Gun Rights Movement is “Neo-Confederate” and Says NRA is Anti State’s Rights

August 21 2013
by GSL Staff
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MSNBC contributor Joy Reid slammed the NRA and the gun rights movement as a whole on MSNBC recently.

Reid says,

Yeah, it’s interesting. There is a sort of Neo-Confederate thread that runs through these sort of pro-gun movements and the NRA movement.

I’m not even sure what that means as I’ve met gun owners from every part of this country, of every race, religion and age you can imagine.

Reid went on to criticize the NRA for not recognizing state’s rights in the arena of gun control, citing the recent recall efforts of two anti-gun Colorado state senators.

The Colorado recall effort hinges on the belief that these senators did not follow their constituents wishes when they voted in favor of state gun control.

Colorado has in place a recall procedure to remove sitting politicians when their constituents feel they are no longer being properly represented.

The recall advocates are working within a system put in place by the state. How is that not recognizing state’s rights?

MSNBC continues to show their extreme anti-gun bias on a day to day basis.

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