MSNBC Asks Readers if Kroger Customers Should be Able to Carry Guns – Results Might Surprise You

September 8 2014
by GSL Staff
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MSNBC, and their readers/watchers for that matter tend to be on the anti-gun side of the gun debate more often than not.

So, it’s not surprising that MSNBC asked its online readers if they thought Kroger customer should be able to carry guns into the grocery stores.

According to an online, unscientific poll 84% of the 27,000+ respondents say YES, Customers should be able to carry in Kroger.

Kroger and its other grocery stores have become the latest company to come under fire from the Bloomberg funded group, Moms Demand Action.

The group has even started putting out ads (like the one below) online and in print newspapers across the country.


Kroger, which has a strong presence in the southern and western United States (generally considered pro-gun areas), might not bend to the Moms’ demands as quickly and easily as other companies.

So far, Kroger has declined to restrict guns in their stores in any way.

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