Missouri Lawmakers Poised to Override Governor’s Veto of Pro-Gun Bill

July 29 2013
by GSL Staff
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Missouri_Capitol_1979Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon last month vetoed a bill that would have nullified all federal gun legislation within Missouri as well as made it a crime for federal agents to attempt to enforce federal gun laws in the state.

Now, the bill is about to be back in front of the state legislature which is poised to overturn the veto.

The bill overwhelmingly passed the state legislature with votes of 116-38 and 26-6 in the House and Senate, respectively.

Democratic votes will be required in order to override the veto, but it appears that lawmakers do have the votes for that.

According to The Blaze,

“Being a rural-area Democrat, if you don’t vote for any gun bill, it will kill you,” Rep. Ben Harris said. “That’s what the Republicans want you to do is vote against it, because if you vote against it, they’ll send one mailer every week just blasting you about guns, and you’ll lose” [re-election].

Yep, that’s about the long and the short of it Mr. Harris.

Many see the Missouri bill as a symbolic vote than a law that will actually change things in the state as most legal experts believe the law will be found to be unconstitutional in the courts.

At least one Democrat, who plans on backing the veto override agrees. According to The Blaze,

“We love our guns and we love hunting. It’s not worth the fight for me to vote against it,” said Rep. T.J. McKenna, D-Festus. But, he added, “the bill is completely unconstitutional, so the courts are going to have to throw it out.”

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