Milwaukee Sheriff – Guns Used in Self Defense Should be Returned to Owners Within 48 Hours

August 26 2013
by GSL Staff
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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has been a fairly outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment over the last few months.

The sheriff flat out told his constituents that they should arm themselves because police response times aren’t fast enough to protect anyone from violent crime.

Now the sheriff is speaking out again.

According to,

People who shoot someone in self-defense should get their guns back within 48 hours of being cleared of criminal charges, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said Sunday during a gun class at a tavern where the owner recently killed a robber.

The sheriff was addressing a group of people who came out for a CCW class at a Milwaukee bar where the owner had recently shot and killed an attempted armed robber.

Following an enormous amount of support from the community, the bar owner decided to use the bar space to host CCW classes, taught by certified instructors.

Sheriff Clark intended to lobby for faster return times for weapons legally used in self defense.

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