Michigan Schools Shut Down b/c Former Student, Now Working For Air Force, Entered School Wearing His Work Camo

March 5 2013
by GSL Staff
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Yes, the school hysteria is now getting into full blast.

If the county wide school shutdown due to a ring tone wasn’t enough, or the 7 year old who was suspended for chewing his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun, or the student whose mental health was questioned because he showed a classmate a picture of an Airsoft gun, then this one will get you.

Several schools in Michigan were shut down after a former student, who is now working on a nearby Air Force base (the article isn’t clear if the student is in the Air Force or a contractor), entered the school wearing his camo fatigues after coming by the school straight from work. He was there to get a letter of recommendation from a counselor.

After learning the counselor wasn’t there, he left.

“We still believe that the right decision was made by making sure our students were safe and we will do everything we can to make sure that they get their tests done and everything’s all set,” said L’Anse Creuse Schools spokeswoman Kelly Allen.

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